We offer a variety of our favorite toppings, spreads, and sides to go. Get some to share with your friends or to enjoy later. We also have a variety of items from local artists.

Canned Carry-outs

Pimento Cheese

8-ounce: $5

Jalapeño Jelly

8-ounce: $6.5

Bacon Jam

8-ounce: $6.5

Pickled Red Onions

8-ounce: $4.5

Sour Kraut

16-ounce: $4.5

Fermented Pickles

32-ounce: $8.5

baked goods

Sometimes, people just want something that reminds them of grandma’s favorite cheesecake recipe. Call ahead and get an order of baked goods to send as gifts to your friends and family!


Stop in and while we assemble your meal, browse through a variety of gifts created by talented folks from our neighborhood. We lovingly present it all in what was once display-shelving for dress ties, socks, and shirts in the early 1900s when Lynch’s Men’s Wear occupied the building.

If you love the unique and creative, be sure to drop by The RiffRaff, right down the street at 865-869 Mercer Street, Princeton, WV.

Sell Your Art

We love meeting new local artists and helping them showcase their creativity. If you’d like to chat about selling your art at Bucha on consignment, send us a message.

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