We’re always blending new and exciting ingredients to brew and serve a refreshing variety of kombucha options. Below are the kombuchas we are currently serving.

What's Kombucha?



We combine fresh juiced pineapple with our house made Yerba Mate kombucha to create a tart and refreshing drink that is loaded with probiotics.


Our house-made Yerba Mate kombucha combined with fresh ruby red grapefruit juice. The perfect kombucha for people who love kombucha with a bite!

Kombucha – Blood Orange

100% pure; organic cold pressed blood orange juice combined with our house made kombucha.

What's Kombucha?

It’s a probiotic beverage produced by fermenting sweet tea or coffee with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. We create various flavors by using fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs.